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Why Indigo

Indigo is a complex color with a complex history. It represents our desire to work with individuals, organizations, communities, and institutions that are committed to tackling complex issues.

The Future of Complex Social Change

Indigo Innovation prepares partners to address complex social change by activating leaders and leaderful organizations. President Tracey Greene-Washington uses process as a strategy to support decision-making, innovation, and getting proximal to the work.


She offers questions and reflections that support organizational transformation, strategy, and integrate emergent practices of “test, do, learn,” guiding the ongoing cycle towards solutions. The results are transformational, adaptive, and future-oriented.

With an emphasis on “CoThinkking,” this work is collaborative, incorporating a team-based praxis that supports participatory problem solving towards making critical decisions that accelerate bodies of work forward.





What is a Thought Partner?

A Thought Partner is someone who:

Seeks clarity and offers support, safety, powerful questions, accountability, patience and presence along the journey.

Inspires innovative and bold ways of thinking about what is possible.

Possesses new information or knowledge that challenges or provokes divergent thinking, action, and impact.

Becomes a catalyst for clarity and shifting paradigms, assumptions and actions.



Client Highlights

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Discover how to navigate the messy middle of




Led by President Tracey Greene-Washington, Indigo Innovation Group provides consulting and coaching for organizations and individuals ready to increase their strategic impact through innovative approaches. We partner with philanthropic, nonprofit and for-profit organizations that are committed to accelerating change through system-level approaches, equity, and strategic collaboration in order to create leaderful organizations. . 




Indigo Innovation takes complex issues and helps to “make big small.” Serving as a thought-partner, we break things down to manageable pieces and create the conditions for clear decision making towards strategic implementation.

  • Understanding the Organization and Assignment 

  • Distilling Data/Information

  • Strategic Decision Making 

  • Aligned  Visioning


  • Coaching & Capacity-Building




Indigo Innovation facilitates the incubation of ideas, guiding you through the necessary “messy thinking” and "messy middle" using strategic pathways. 

  • Level-Setting: Exploring  Alignment 

  • Leaning into the What

  • Activating Change Levers




As a Thought Partner, Tracey Greene-Washington focuses on embracing change management and collaborative design thinking.


She helps leaders learn to navigate obstacles and position their work in ways that do not invite criticism, but curiosity. In addition, she supports strategy development and implementation. 


Tracey Greene-Washington is non-judgmental and invested in your process. She knows the questions to ask to lead you toward your goals, supporting you to take risks and be bolder in your work. 


  • Constructing  leaderful organizations

  • Addressing  Complex Social Change

  • Activating Game Changers 




“Tracey Greene-Washington brings the perfect balance of authentic, heart-centered human interaction with brain-heavy, no-nonsense, well-informed strategic thinking that cultivates productive discussions and innovative outcomes.” 

—  Sekou Coleman, Southside Rising




For speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances, send Tracey an email with the details.  

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