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Sparking Innovation to Address Complex Social Change

Moving Leaders from Stretching to Being Game Changers 

Indigo Innovation Group is a consulting firm dedicated to serving as a thought-partner, advisor and consultant to philanthropic, nonprofit, and private sectors that are committed to accelerating change through system-level approaches, equity, and strategic collaboration. 

Our consulting firm simplifies complexity, through “making big small, as a means to prepare clients to address complex social change. We use process as a strategy to support decision-making, innovation, and getting proximal to the work. Allowing for powerful questions and reflections that support organizational transformation, strategy, and integrate emergent practices of “test, do, learn,” guiding the ongoing cycle towards solutions.

With an emphasis on “CoThinkking,” our work is collaborative, incorporating a team-based praxis that supports participatory problem solving towards making critical decisions that accelerate critical bodies of work. We create an environment where people feel comfortable to share their authentic thoughts and experiences throughout the assessment, learning, coaching, and strategic implementation phase(s).  

The results of our approach are transformational, adaptive, and future-oriented. Further allowing our consulting and coaching clients to amplify and deepen impact through strategic practices that anchor equity, inclusion, systems change, innovation, collaboration, and strategic engagement.

Our Services

Indigo Innovation Group provides consulting and coaching for organizations and individuals ready to increase their strategic impact through innovative approaches. We are committed to your success and offer multiple strategic pathways that we can take together to tackle complex social change. Each pathway incorporates Indigo Innovation’s “coach approach” to fully support you and your team in meeting your goals. 

Organizational Consulting

The Accelerator

Indigo Innovation takes complex issues and helps to “make big small.” Serving as a thought-partner, we break things down into manageable pieces and create the conditions for clear decision making towards strategic implementation.


The Innovator 

Indigo Innovation facilitates the incubation of ideas, guiding you through the necessary “messy thinking” and "messy middle" using strategic pathways/frameworks to facilitate adaptive learning processes.​

Field Building: “COO on Call”

Indigo provides hands-on support and strategy development/implementation during a time of growth or transitions in an organization to accelerate impact and strengthen your organization’s work. and direction. 

Customized Workshops & Trainings

The Game Changer 

We create dynamic, interactive workshops and trainings that are customized to increase knowledge, analysis, and effectiveness by centering equity and inclusion. 


Executive Coaching
As an Executive Coach, we help executives learn how to navigate obstacles and position their work in ways that does not invite criticism, but curiosity. In addition, she supports strategy development and implementation. 


Personal Coaching

As a personal leadership coach, Tracey Greene-Washington is non-judgmental and invested your process. She knows the questions to ask to lead you towards your goals, supporting you to take risks and be bolder in their work.

Public Speaking

We are available for keynotes and public speaking engagements.

What Clients Are Saying

“Tracey Greene-Washington leads with her compassion and is very strategic in her thinking. Both of these attributes are critical when you’re in the business of helping organizations to grow. She is also an amazing thought leader in helping organizations understand purpose. ‘What’s your vision?’ Is the question that leads every conversation. She takes pride in helping organizations reach their greatest potential.” - Tamieka Mosley, Grantmakers for Southern Progress - Atlanta, Georgia

“Tracey Greene-Washington is a dynamic facilitator and consultant who provided ‘tough love’ in the most caring way...It was a joy to work with Ms. Greene-Washington as she has the ability to ask thought-provoking questions and manage challenging personalities.” - Rasheeda McDaniels, Buncombe County - Asheville, North Carolina

“Tracey Greene-Washington is very knowledgeable and articulate in her role as a consultant and coach. She has a unique way of describing  complex concepts that is admirable and grounded in reality.” - Abena Asante, ST Davis Foundation - Austin, Texas

“Tracey Greene-Washington brings the perfect balance of authentic, heart-centered human interaction with brain-heavy, no-nonsense, well-informed strategic thinking that cultivates productive discussions and innovative outcomes.” Sekou Coleman, Southside Rising - Asheville, North Carolina

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The Team

Indigo is led by a results-driven leader who loves to work with our growing clientele.

Our team is eager to collaborate and CoThinkk towards accelerating impact. 

Tracey Greene-Washington


For two decades, Tracey Greene-Washington, President of Indigo Innovation Group, has led high-level initiatives that address complex issues, gaining a reputation as an innovative servant leader and futurist. Through her partnerships, she has helped others become more impactful by targeting systemic change and taking risks. Her work amplifies efforts at the intersection of community economic development, health, and education. 

She is affectionately known as “Ms CoThinkk,” and as a “Change Guru” who gracefully helps others navigate complex issues and relationships, creating generative spaces for critical conversations, strategic action, and ultimate success.

Greene-Washington is the Founder of CoThinkk, a social change philanthropy initiative committed to shifting the economic mobility, health, education, and narrative of communities of color in Western NC through strategic investments, network-building, and civic discourse. 


She most recently served as the Director of Special Initiatives for the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, leading its two long-term place-based initiatives: Healthy Places NC, focused on improving the health of rural counties and Great Expectations, an early childhood initiative in Forsyth County. 


Prior to joining the Trust, Greene-Washington served as a Program Officer at the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation managing efforts to address the statewide racial and gender wealth gap; Program Officer and Director of Learning & Evaluation for the National Rural Funders Collaborative, focusing on rural community transformation; and Director of Technical Assistance, Training & Policy with the South Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations, supporting 45 community development corporations throughout the state.  


Currently, Greene-Washington serves on the board of the NC Early Childhood Foundation, Education NC, and the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research. She is the former Board Chair for the Center for Leadership Innovation and Vice Chair for the Southern Rural Development Initiative. 


A native of Asheville, North Carolina, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina.

Tracey Greene-Washington
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