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What is Flow?

It’s a state of mind and natural rhythm that is achieved when you’re completely focused, balanced, and in tune with your desired goals, dreams, and unique calling.

Coaching is a tool that helps individuals connect and maintain their flow by :

  • Centering their own personal power through clarifying purpose and vision;

  •  Allowing for intentional space to support a creative process where leaders can be inspired, grow, reflect, and drive solutions that ultimately impact their communities, families, organizations, and world; and

  • Creates an intentional partnership to support leaders in their quest to drive innovation and complex change, while holding a future-focused stance.

Check out this article by Tracey Greene-Washington!

You Have to Get Comfortable in the Gray

Tracey Greene-Washington is a 2022 CoachDiversity Institute Impact Award winner. CoachDiversity Institute is the #1 ICF Accredited Coach Certification Program in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It is also ranked No. 524 on Inc. 5000 (2021).

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