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Trust Based Philanthropy

What is



Trust-based philanthropy is a more human-centered and equitable approach to philanthropy.

​​This trust-based approach to philanthropy invites practitioners to embrace a clearly articulated set of values that help funders make decisions through moments of uncertainty or change, guides relationship-building with grantee partners, fosters internal alignment among staff and board, and informs the design of organizational systems and structures.

Check out this resource!

Trust-Based Philanthropy in 4D guide by the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

Indigo Team

Meet the

As a trust-based philanthropy ambassador, Tracey seeks out opportunities to promote trust-based philanthropy, respond to misperceptions, and share her learnings as a trust-based practitioner. Tracey and her team of amazing consultants are ready to support you and your trust-based philanthropy work.

Let's discuss how our consultants can assist you with trust-based philanthropy.

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