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Leadership Coaching for Micro to Small Business Entrepreneurs

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The Razored Mastermind Leadership Precision Accelerator™ is a unique leadership coaching and learning experience designed to sharpen the skills and strategies necessary for entrepreneurial success.


While typical business coaching programs tend to work to shore up the technical skills associated with business and entrepreneurship, we understand the importance of the intrapersonal work that is critical and allows for intentional focus on the whole person.

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"Stay razored sharp.
Never stop growing."

The Razored Mastermind Precision Leadership Accelerator™ is a transformational three-month intensive learning and leadership development process geared toward micro to small-business entrepreneurs with the ability to scale. We believe many of these entrepreneurs fail not because of their access to small business support but because of the lack of intrapersonal and interpersonal skill building that is required and must be cultivated. The introspective work tackled during the program allows us to build skills and commitment to address triggers, fears and limiting beliefs to move towards a growth mindset. This type of introspective work allows for sustainability and growth.

As such, the Razored program offers a deep focus on strong intrapersonal skills development and behavioral shifts that allows us to shore up the traditional business coaching entrepreneurs typically receive that focuses on developing technical skills. This missing piece enables business owners to thrive, support, sustain, and scale their businesses, which in turn provides a foundation that leads to stronger community impact, economic growth, opportunities, and wealth building.


Customized Curriculum tailored and anchored in industry best practices to reach individuals right where they are and designed to identify, harness, and master critical leverage points to unlock professional and personal potential.

Leadership Coaching with certified national coaches anchored in equity and inclusion best practices.  

Brave space and tools necessary to achieve clarity regarding each individual’s position and posture to effectively align unique superpowers, skills, relationships, and networks to achieve key goals/outcomes.

The  Razored Program is what every entrepreneur should experience, as it has helped me learn more about myself, walk boldly in leadership, and identify my superpowers. As a leader, I am now able to influence, inspire, and elevate with this new tool I have in my box.

- Donnell Hendrix

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Our approach utilizes a leadership coaching framework that focuses on seven (7) key domains uniquely designed to move participants through a transformational process intended to shift their thinking, feelings, and actions.

By centering leadership coaching coupled with skill development components, we move participants through an iterative experience and emergent learning process of test, do, and learn. In doing so, participants are positioned into game-changer status by enabling them to amplify and level up their leadership, strategic thinking, ideas, skills, and impact.

All necessary components to support entrepreneurial success. 


Leaders and game changers need to be sharp, well-positioned and have access to cutting-edge personal and professional development tools to affect change in their own lives and the lives of others around them.

One's ability to shift the thinking and thought patterns that influence our feelings and activate our actions to harness the necessary skills, relationships, and networks to generate the greatest return on investment in self-development is critical.

As a collective, when we can commit to showing up as our best selves in ways that catalyze generational and community wealth and transform systems that create inequities for black and brown entrepreneurs, we can transform whole communities.


Planning & Discovery

Collaborative and fully customizable design, recruitment, and selection process

Strategic Levers

Identification of game-changer elements adaptable and relevant to each particular sector


Roll out of tailored program content and individual/group coaching


Analysis of baseline and post evaluation to determine impact, change, and program evolution 

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  • One-on-one mentoring and individual/group coaching from certified national leadership coaches - coupled with skill development components - allow for an iterative experience and emergent learning process of test, do, and learn to help participants better understand who they are, what they desire, and how to create a plan of action to achieve their goals.

  • Access to our facilitation/planning team throughout the experience and negotiated post-program support.

  • Access to a customized curriculum and unique online platform developed by IIG anchored in proven processes for addressing current/future leadership pain points and amplifying opportunities.

  • Customized participant self assessment tool.

  • Hybrid experience that supports virtual and in-person participation. 

  • Two in-person meetings facilitated by experienced coaches and opportunities for industry recognition at select industry-specific events.

  • Actionable 12-week plan that will guide 
    participants through developing personal and professional goals/objectives.

  • Graduation Certificate & Experience

  • CEU Hours (Coming Soon)

I consider the Razored program one of, if not the most important and sharpest tool in our toolbox. 

- Jermaine Johnson

The Razored program was transformational. I learned a great deal about the most important and sharpest tool in my barber kit, and that would be me. The program also helped me take a deep dive into not only who I am as a barber but also what is necessary for me to grow professionally and personally.

- Eric Hines

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The experience was empowering. It allowed me to be transformational and vulnerable, which allowed a deeper reflection of self and a path to bettering my leadership. 

- Timothy Doe, Jr.

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Our desired impact is simple – personal and professional development that results in sustainable change and growth.


Our target sectors include primarily black and brown micro to small business entrepreneurs/enterprises in five categories:

Barbering Sector

Personal Care Sector

Professional Sector

Education Sector

Health & Social Sector


Audience: Micro to Small


Duration: Kick-Off Session +12 weeks

Recommended prerequisite: None




Tracey Greene-Washington is the President of Indigo Innovation Group, a consulting firm dedicated to serving as a strategic thought partner, advisor, coach, and consultant to philanthropic, nonprofit, and private/public organizations committed to accelerating change through system-level approaches, equity, and strategic collaboration. She is also the Founder of CoThinkk, a social change philanthropy committed to shifting the economic mobility, health, education, and leadership narrative of communities of color in Western NC through strategic investments, network-building, and
civic discourse. Lastly, Tracey Greene-Washington is a social entrepreneur and co-owner of No Grease Northlake and No Grease Premium, franchisees under the umbrella of No Grease Inc. Throughout her twenty + year career she has led high-level initiatives that address complex issues and gained a reputation as an innovative leader that is committed to partnering with  organizations/communities to be more impactful by targeting systemic change, taking risk, and accelerating efforts at the intersection of community economic development, health, education, and
leadership development.

Mrs. Greene-Washington most recently served as the Director of Special Initiatives for the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, leading its two long-term place-based initiatives, Healthy Places NC-focused on improving the health of 10-12 rural counties, and Great Expectations-an early childhood initiative in Forsyth County. Prior to joining the Trust, she served as a Program Officer at the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, leading efforts to address the statewide racial and gender wealth gap; Program Officer and Director of Learning & Evaluation for the National Rural Funders Collaborative, focused on rural community transformation; and Director of Technical Assistance, Training & Policy
with the South Carolina Association of Community Development Corporations where she supported 45 community development corporations throughout the state. Mrs. Greene-Washington completed a Tedx titled Addressing Complex Social Change, What If and currently serves on the board of Education NC and is the former Board Chair for the Center for Leadership Innovation, Vice Chair for
the Southern Rural Development Initiative, Board Member of North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research, and Equity Committee Chair for the NC Early Childhood Foundation. Mrs. Greene-Washington released her first book on October 20th, 2020, # 1 International Bestseller and 2021 Nautilus Award-Winner, titled Choosing Purposeful Alignment: The Messy Middle of Transformation. She is the recipient of the 2022 Change Agent of the Year Award (co-recipient), 2021 Rosa Parks Award, 2020 Linetta Gilbert Service Award, 2019 Bubbles Griffin Award, and 2019 Best of Women to Know Feature. She is a native of Asheville, North Carolina, and a Certified Coach through Coach
Diversity Institute. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina.

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