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Purposeful Alignment 2024

A must attend event for all women who desire to activate their inner game-changer

Let this be a year of transformation —the year you say “ YES

March 1 - 2, 2024

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Purposeful Alignment 2024 is a must attend event for women-all women-who desire to activate their inner game changer and lean into a journey of transformation, defining moments, clarity, and audacious boldness - by saying yes to choosing purposeful alignment.

Based upon the principles highlighted in the #1 International Bestseller and Award-Winning book, Choosing Purposeful Alignment: The Messy Middle of Transformation, this event is designed to move participants through an intentional experience to explore the three choices that are necessary to choose purposeful alignment -Permission, Transformation, and Game Changer with knowledgeable award-winning experts and women working across the field of leadership development, health, fitness, professional development, and coaching.

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Women will leave this experience feeling powerful, confident, and equipped with the knowledge and skills to make strategic yes’s that lead to fulfilling, balanced lives that align with their values and aspirations. 

Along with building strong connections with other women and being introduced to diverse networks to support each other and continue their journeys towards holistic well-being long after the 2024 experience has ended. Women will leave and walk in their authentic self through embracing each aspect of the experience: Visioning, Radical Celebration, Women Supporting Women, Building Self-Awareness, Strategic Action, and Accessing Resources and Tools.

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March 1 - 2, 2004


Additional information such as venue, time, and speakers coming soon.


Facilitated and live coaching sessions with award-winning author Tracey Greene-Washington and President of Indigo Innovation Group, where women are guided through the proposition of three purposeful alignment choices and are taken deeply into what could be possible if they intentionally leaned into first choice -The Power of Permission.

Radical Celebration

Body movement work that centers radical celebration.

Women Supporting Women

Hear from award-winning and respected guest speakers that will share insights, valuable nuggets, and lessons to assist you on this journey.

Building Self-Awareness

Women are encouraged and supported  to explore their own thoughts, emotions, power, fears and desires and identify self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that may impact their success in their journey.

Strategic Action

Women are supported to say yes to practices and choices that amplify their leadership and voice and promote the importance of physical and emotional health through emphasizing the significance of self-care practices like meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques.

Resources & Tools

Customized salon of resources that include coaching support from certified coaches, consultations from sought after experts in the leadership, health, professional, and personal development field to amplify your alignment and purpose.

More information coming soon

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