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Activate Thought Leaders to Drive Social Change

Shake up your organization so it can change the world.

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Keynote Presentations

Social & Transformational Change

Tracey Greene-Washington speaks to inspire leaders and leaderful organizations to activate the power that ignites real change within organizations, communities, and around the world.

Choosing Purposeful Alignment

How do you move from the “messy middle” of change to your desired purpose?

Based on Tracey’s book, “Choosing Purposeful Alignment,” your audience learns what it means to be a changemaker, and how to live a life that is truly aligned with one’s purpose.

Tracey walks through each chapter of her book and provides insight that will spark an inner transformation—and drive external change.

Social Change Philanthropy and the Giving Circle Movement

How can giving be a communal act in which everyone makes a positive impact?

The Giving Circle movement brings people together around shared values for the purpose of making a positive impact. It is where people work together to transform their communities by discussing the needs, and funding the solutions.

It is people-powered philanthropy that challenges the traditional philanthropist—and a movement that Tracey, as an active participant, is proud to promote to the future changemakers in your audience.

Thought Partnership and How to Tackle Complex Issues

How can we work together in bold and creative ways to enact real change?

A thought partner inspires innovative and bold ways of thinking about what is possible. Thought partners also possess new information or knowledge that challenges or provokes divergent thinking, action, and impact.

Your audience will learn the significance of thought partnerships, how to become a thought partner, and how together we can become a catalyst for shifting paradigms.

Addressing Complex Social Change (TEDx Talk)

How do you address the complex issue of social change?

Based on her powerful TEDx Talk, Tracey will ask your audience the complex questions that activate innovative thinking and solutions around social change.

Questions that include, “who is the philanthropist?” and “how do we engage the individuals and communities that are most impacted to design, lead, and prioritize philanthropic initiatives?”

Aligned Series

How do you move through a transformational process to align with your true purpose?

Based on Tracey’s Aligned Intensive Series, your audience will work through the process of changing their narrative, moving through the messy middle of transformation, and activating the game changer within. To align with one’s purpose takes time and work.

Tracey will inspire with her story of resilience, and the lessons she’s learned in pursuing her own inner game changer.

Getting Proximal to Each Other and to Issues

When people come together around a shared purpose, that’s when real change happens

Tracey has experienced the power of community, and the role it has in creating positive social change.

In this talk, Tracey speaks about the importance of people working together, educating one another, holding one another accountable, and encouraging one another to keep moving forward.

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Our customers love us

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"Tracey Greene Washington is a master of inspirational and transformational speaking. Her value-driven, purposeful and universal messages impact us through our intellect, our heart and into action that transform the way we see the world and connect with it. From her TEDx Asheville talk, Women at the Table keynote and TEDx Asheville 2022 Pass The Mic Event keynote, Tracey brings grace, integrity is a beckon of hope for us all."

- Barrie Barton, Stand and Deliver Asheville

Mary Thomas.png

"Tracey’s authentic and balanced approach to engaging diverse voices in understanding community change work and purposeful alignment is both thoughtful and courageous. At a time when our country has become so divisive and polarized, it is refreshing to have someone like Tracey’s who uses her voice to amplify the voices of others through her deliberative and engaging style of leadership."

- Mary Thomas, Conversation Series and The Spartanburg County Foundation

Sarah Mann Willcox.png

"Tracey is a powerful speaker and brings depth and care to tough conversations. She led a panel for our Annual Meeting and her skillful moderation and thoughtful questions and insights helped to make it one of the most highly-rated sessions of our conference!"

- Sarah Mann Willcox, Director of Programs and Learning, N.C. Network of Grantmakers

Rasheeda McDaniels.png

“Tracey is a dynamic facilitator and consultant who provides ‘tough love’ in the most caring way. It was a joy to work with her as she has the ability to ask thought-provoking questions and manage challenging personalities.”

- Rasheeda McDaniels, Buncombe County

Dan Leroy.png

"Tracey is an innovative and visionary change agent. She is able to seamlessly apply her technical expertise, personal experience, and creative insights to whatever organizational challenge or opportunity her client is facing."

- Dan Leroy, President & CEO, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County

Meet Keynote Speaker
Tracey Greene-Washington

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Tracey Greene-Washington is the President of consulting firm Indigo Innovation Group, and Founder of CoThinkk, a social change philanthropy committed to shifting the economic mobility, health, education, and leadership narrative of communities of color.

Tracey believes that complex social change is a puzzle that comprises individuals, organizations, and communities that hold the power for shifting paradigms.

It is when the pieces are brought together for a common purpose that the picture is brought to life.

Learn more about Tracey here.

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