The Year of the Stretch

The act of stretching is an intentional decision to extend oneself beyond perceived limits. This year, 2017, was definitely a stretch year for many individuals, communities, and organizations that have taken a forward-facing posture to address the complexities of social change with an eye towards having systems-level impact.

Prompting a challenge for all of us to remain balanced in our efforts, while holding just enough healthy tension against a shifting social, economic, and political backdrop, this type of stretching is not only in response to the actual strategies that are being deployed to address complex social issues. It is the required heavy lifting we all must do everyday to “hold the necessary space” to support the most critical piece of this puzzle — the cultivating, building, modeling, and sustaining of healthy, positive, and equitable relationships.

Healthy, positive, equitable relationships are those relationships with citizens, leaders, organizations, and communities that require hard conversations about difficult issues, creation of intentional space, and interruption of false narratives. These relationships are grounded in truth and resist complicit