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Are you ready for a ReSET?

We are inviting you to join us to learn more about the ReSET framework to better understand your story and when and how to reset it. We will guide you through this process, providing you with tools to use toward purposeful alignment.

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When you reset your story you reset your life…


It is based upon four important
ReSETTing beliefs:

  • We are constantly resetting - the narratives that worked for you last year may not work today;

  • Every life change requires a reset in our story;

  • In response to change, we may try to change our lives in ways that are not congruent with our vision for the future, inadvertently living out the same narrative over and over in response to an old story; and

  • When you reset your story, you reset your life - and you can’t reset your life without resetting your story.

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Meet your ReSET guides

Tracey Greene-Washington

President, Indigo Innovation Group LLC, Certified Coach

Tracey Greene-Washington is the President of Indigo Innovation Group, a consulting firm dedicated to serving as a strategic thought-partner, advisor, coach and consultant to philanthropic, nonprofit, and private/public organizations committed to accelerating change through system-level approaches, equity, and strategic collaboration. In addition to this role she is the Founder of CoThinkk, a social change philanthropy led by BIPOC communities committed to systems change  in Western NC through strategic investments, network-building, and civic discourse. Lastly, Tracey Greene-Washington is a social entrepreneur and co-owner of No Grease Northlake and No Grease Premium.  Throughout her twenty + year career she’s led high-level initiatives that address complex issues and gained a reputation as an innovative leader that is committed to partnering with organizations/communities to be more impactful by targeting systemic change, taking risk, and accelerating change.

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Dr. Katrina Hutchins

Founder and President, Re-Source Solutions LLC, Certified Coach

Dr. Katrina Hutchins, affectionately known as, “Dr. K” is the Founder & President of Re-Source Solutions, a company focused on organizational excellence through professional and personal growth and transformation. As a Certified Executive Coach, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Professor, and Philanthropist, Dr. K has gained decades of experience in corporate, governmental, higher education, philanthropic, non-profit and faith- based sectors.

Whether in auditoriums, on virtual platforms, through radio, television, in boardrooms, in classrooms, or in whatever space she finds herself, Dr. K’s goal remains the same – to position her voice in a way that amplifies the voices of others and to positively impact their lives in a way that leaves them better than before.




4 hours

Show commitment to transformational change and desire for greater impact via a short survey. (Emailed after registration)



  • Customized curriculum, framework, and tools to support a full participant experience

  • Participant assessment designed to support the resetting process

  • In-person experience

  • Access to a certified and experienced facilitation and coaching team

  • Available post session support and coaching.


Date: TBD

Location: TBD


New, emerging, and seasoned leaders and game changers

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